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These are our stud dogs although not all are still breeding, who are still with us.  We dearly miss those who have passed on and are extremely proud of both the retired old guard and the sensational additions to our breeding program.

Bountiful's B'Artagnan (Bart) 7(OFA GP-5439G46M-VPI) is the son of D'Anouk and Sunshine.  Bart is the best of Sunshine and D'Anouk both physically and as an LGD.  He will be bred to Glory in the spring of 2011
Pompier Two Hearts Collide (Caspian) from Angela and Stephen  Meroshnekoff holds great promise as a future stud for Bountiful.  He is not yet two nor is his future mate, Leah. They will both come of age (2 years) June of 2011. Caspian comes from a great line of Great Pyrenees LGDs from both Catherine de la Cruz and Mary McGuire and we are proud to add him to Bountiful's breeding stock.


Bountiful's Jubal is D'Anouk's son by Cedar Hills CeCe, (OFA GP-50096G28F-NOPI, owned by Jamie McDonald) the daughter of Sunshine and Clark,  He is a litter mate of Leah's and will mature in June as will Caspian and Leah.  At this point, he will alternate with Bart as a primary stud dog for Bountiful.



D'Anouk  Soum Du Prat D'Ourey (OFA GP-4884G24M-PI)   D'Anouk's knees and elbows are veterinary certified as healthy.  D'Anouk's dam, Anouk, was a working guardian in the Pyrenees Mountains which makes D'Anouk only one generation removed from the historical birthplace of his breed.  D'Anouk has fulfilled his promise to add considerable stature to future Guardians of Bountiful Farm as well as contributing his unique Pyrenean heritage.   Both Bart and Jubal are his sons and will contribute through combining D'Anouks bloodline with our foundation stock through Sunshine.  D'Anouk will retire from breeding officially as soon as his children prove their fertility


Bountiful Clark, (OFA-4580G24M-Pl) out of Jake and Daisy, was born Jan of 2002. Clark has retired as a stud and is a great guardian.  Clark is a GPCA certified LGD
Although this may look a little strange for a Great Pyrenees, Elmer (Puppy picture) arrived here as a rescue at the age of three weeks with a snow white mother and several brothers and sisters who looked amazingly like he does. Although he just turned two and weighs in at 134 lbs he is a lover, not a fighter and shares the house with Sunshine and several yet to be placed rescue companions.  His mother has moved on to a successful career as a Livestock Guardian in the Bixby area of Oklahoma.


Dan & Paula Lane
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