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Here are our brood bitches and other interesting females.

Sunshine  (OFA GP-4352E33F-PI) born in 1999, comes from a line we have worked for several years to get into our Great Pyrenees breeding program.  She is a journeyman livestock guardian dog and an absolutely great mother.  Sunshine is a GPCA Certified LGD.  We have retired Sunshine from the guarding business and she acts like she's been in the house all of her life.  Except for a few problems with mirrors which were soon resolved and an occasional raid on the counters, she's adapted beautifully.  She even developed a "house bark" which is much easier to listen to than her outdoors bark.
Snowy Bonita (AKA Bonnie) OFA GP-5206G68F-NOPI (AVID chip # 09352535) came to Bountiful after having proved herself as an LGD extraordinaire and excellent mother.  She whelped her first litter at Bountiful with Bountiful Patou as the sire.  Bonnie will retire from breeding in 2010 or 2011 after having whelped one more litter with Pat to produce another female with Bountiful lines as a future breeding bitch.


Bountiful's Glory came to us as a pup from Cindy Smith last August.  She was born April 17th, 2008 from Cindy's long line of guardians and will be bred to Bart when she comes of age.  She is reminiscent of Echo in appearance.


Aneto Anna At Guardenia (Anna) OFA GP-4557G25F-PI arrived at Bountiful Farm Monday, April 2, 2007.  She comes from Joseph Gentzel, is five years old,  and we had planned to use her to improve our basic bloodlines.  Unfortunately, Anna developed an uterine infection and the vet had to spay her to save her life.  Anna now works as a guardian and does an excellent job.  Anna has all French bloodlines on her sire's side and 24 champions in five generations on her dam's.
Amy is our survivor dog .  She is the only pup to survive the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever that  took all of her litter mates and her mother, Cara Soum Du Prat D'Ourey.  She is everything that Cara left us besides memories and will have a home at Bountiful Farm from now on.  She has,unfortunately,  been spayed as she inherited mild hip dysplasia through Cara's line.



Daisy (OFA GP-4351G27F-PI) came to us from South Dakota, in 2000, as soon as she was weaned and moved right into our hearts as well as the goatyard.  Daisy has retired from whelping pups and now acts as a guardian with her son Clark who has also retired from stud work.  Daisy is going to pass on her genes through her male progeny.  Bountiful Patou is her son and a stud for Bountiful Farm.  Daisy is a GPCA Certified LGD
Barrèges of Bountiful, (shown in the Pyrenees Mountains) is a daughter of Sunshine and Clark and has proven that a Pyrenees from great guardian stock can become a great show dog.      Pierre ( Mr. Pierre Sittinger ) tells us she has done well and in September, 2003 she won first in her class (puppies) at the Nationale D'èlevage Argalés-Gazost, http://www.chiens-des-pyrenees.com/Nationales/2003/NE2003_Montagnes.htm a major French national show in the Pyrenees.  In March '04 she became a "Champion of Luxembourg" and qualified to compete in the CRUFT'S show in England in 2005.  

Barrèges of Bountiful did not make it to England as she was quite busy delivering her first litter.  Her pups are now living throughout Europe.  You may visit her on the web at http://www.soumdupratdourey.com/


Dan & Paula Lane
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