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Our new Farm sign is now in place.  For those of you who come to visit, it will make knowing you're in the right place much, much easier.

Bountiful Farm began over twenty years ago even though in its present incarnation it dates from 1997. In 1977, we were introduced to goats and had a dairy for several years in Southwestern Missouri. For various reasons we decided to change our circumstances but that change did not remove our love of goats from our hearts. In 1997, we were living in southeastern Oklahoma, our last child had left home, we had no more FFA projects and our five acres seemed, at last, larger than we needed.

Our low profile stock trailer

More for fun than anything else, when we casually talked to a former ostrich grower and found out that the bottom had dropped out of the ratite market, we built good fence and bought some rheas. To protect the rheas we bought a stud llama and built him a little barn; to give the llama company we bought a female llama. No sooner had we done that than a neighbor called to tell us to look out the back door. When we did, there was a different neighbor’s pit bull eating a still kicking rhea while our guardian llama looked on. I shot the dog; we sold the llamas; and started looking for a more dependable herd guardian.

Our main barn and bulk feed storage 

We found out about Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dogs and fell in love immediately. Since we had an empty little barn and good fence, we thought we’d get a goat or two and checked into meat goats. We now have 60 acres in secluded Southeast Oklahoma, and we’re in the business of raising fullblood Boer goats and Great Pyrenees. The rheas have moved on as we needed the room for our growing herd of Boers. We’re still building (the goat herd, the Great Pyrenees kennel, the buildings, and most everything else on the farm including the website). We’ll keep you posted on our developments as they happen, thanks for taking the time to visit.


Copyright 2005 Dan and Paula Lane - Bountiful Farm - Shady Point, Oklahoma

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